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On the Strength of Those Convicted

January 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Rays of hope, burdened by clouds of fear,
streak their way across the dark, molten irises
that sing in the moonlight, and cry in the sunshine,
a melody for the strength of those convicted:

For the strength of those convicted
of crimes unavoidable and upon treason unspoken;
For the tenacity of their beloved suns, lovely, sacred sons,
and their beloved stars, lovely, sacred hands;

For their voices, those that pierce the night
the unassailable howls of broken men under broken moons
from a broken land that trembles and quakes the pattern—
One that cradled them—the design that smothered them;

For their hearts, those that beat and dance unhindered,
drums that preach without hands to guide them,
rhythms born of a spirit unbreakable and untamed,
a spirit that shines in the eyes of those convicted.

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