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November 24, 2010
By MeaganNicole PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
MeaganNicole PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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Those who wish to sing always find a song.

What if happiness was a butterfly?

With paper wings,

That fights with the breeze to find it's way to your shoulder?

Would you be able to stand still and let it land,

Or would you try to capture it in a jar,

Only to scare it away?

Could you sit in a little field of green,

With flowers swaying their graceful heads

And butterflies dancing above you,

Without reaching up to steal one from the air?

Could you lie there with your eyes closed and let them come to you?

A beautiful creature of innocence

That carries the pressures of the world on it's tiny back

In hopes of lighting a little flame inside of us

To keep a smile on our darkened faces.

If happiness was a butterfly,

Would you be patient enough to let it land?

In times of trial,

Just close your eyes and wait.

For your butterfly is fighting with the wind,

To come and comfort your heart.

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