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270 Degrees

November 16, 2010
By Shadowfoxz DIAMOND, Washington D.C, District Of Columbia
Shadowfoxz DIAMOND, Washington D.C, District Of Columbia
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I have new work coming out every week. Yaay.

I’m ready now. To accept responsibility, and to move past mistakes. I can recognize who I want to stay in my life, and who has to go. I am not giving up. Feeling bad will lead nowhere, and I am not one for pointless endeavors. I’m ready to move past first love, I’m ready to find my happiness again, I am ready to fight through pain. It hasn’t killed me yet, and I don’t plan to let it. It’s amazing, this thing most call religion. For in a day, you can turn and bounce back…you can take bad situations and see the good in them. You can regain a measure of the happiness you had. Today, the smallest thing that happened was a song download. I really like this song (Fetish by the far east movement), and despite the sorrow I felt, I still could see past it. I’m working harder now, pressing forward, and it feels amazing. To be so strong, to be sharp in mind, to not cave under defeat. So I leave with that. Never give up. When the going gets tough, fight harder than your failure, and you will always win.

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Parallels to 180 Degrees

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