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October 21, 2010
By alexxeo GOLD, Saint Helens, Oregon
alexxeo GOLD, Saint Helens, Oregon
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"Absence from the ones we love is self from self-- a deadly banishment." -William Shakespere

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo De Vinci

"Seduce my mind
...and speak those words to the point of
Hypocrisy never seemed so beautiful.
Your lips have it down to an
art. Oh, I know I'm in love with
Speak to me,
'til your lips are numb.
We'll always have pen and paper. " -By Anonymous, Mississauga, Canada

I walked to the table, sat down, and began to eat,
when she turned to me and looked
at me like I was crazy
Why are you sitting here?
one girl asked
but the one next to her, my best friend,
gave her a frightening look
Hey, Miranda, she said,
I looked at her, saying…
I’m Maddie
She sighed, looking at me like I was a pitiful
animal in pain
You’re Miranda, she said, desperately
I’m Jude
You were in an accident,
The whole school heard
and… We aren’t
I turned to laugh
with everyone,
to see their teasing smiles,
but there weren’t any
They all looked down, maybe
or ashamed
Then, another girl appeared,
Miranda? Why are you over here…?
In my other world, she was
a girl I hated
my best friend?
What’s going on?
Why are my friends
tricking me?
Is this real?

The author's comments:
This was a recent joke I played on my friend, but in the poem I made it a lot more serious.

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