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A love like this.

September 2, 2010
By Anupama BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
Anupama BRONZE, Mumbai, Other
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Love me deep,
Into my heart,
Love me smooth,
From the start.

Love my breath,
When it’s loud,
Love me alone,
Amongst a crowd.

Love me into flames,
Of secluded fire,
Love me through the ashes,
Of your choking desire.

Love me like a frostbite,
On my mind.
Love me like a storm,
And make me blind.

Love me to remember,

Love me to forget,

Love me so strong,

That you won’t regret.

Love me into noise,

Love me into peace,

Love me into dance,

Love me to please.

Love me to love,

Love me to breathe.

Love me to love,

Just Love me.

The author's comments:
Its simple and thoughtless. The lesser you analyze, the more you will understand. :)

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