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Inconsistency is Consistently Certain

August 23, 2010
By Metree SILVER, Machipongo, Virginia
Metree SILVER, Machipongo, Virginia
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Silent breaths of a life so sweet
and simple
Sail on a star
with no destination
Caress a face with no name
Give me something to hold on to
A balloon
Tie the string around my wrist
And hold my feet on this unsteady ground
Leash me to something i can depend on
Hold me
Be consistent
Be my everything
Be there when I'm on my shooting star
off to the moon
Meet me halfway
and become my sky
Engulf me completely
and make me yours
If everything happens for a reason
How can I predict these reasons
That flip my head over my heels
How can I prepare myself for things
that people
I refuse.
Be my waves
Sweep me away...
You hypnotize me
To forget a reality
that spins my head in knots
Tangles and weeds
webs of uncertainty
certain of nothing except for you
my lantern in a black hole of darkness.

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