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I Am A Soldier

June 16, 2010
By shreya756 PLATINUM, Gurgaon, Haryana, Other
shreya756 PLATINUM, Gurgaon, Haryana, Other
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The stars are shown and I sit here in this comfortable escape,
The war is raging outside,
And the night is taking its own shape.

I lie here, above my own pool of blood, hoping to be freed,
The pain is rising from the soft skin below my toes
And at the moment, fear is on what I feed.

I hear the ‘BOOM’ and the ‘BANG’ and a shiver runs down my spine,
Faces of loved ones flash in front of my eyes
I pray for them to be fine.

You see, protecting this nation, is my job, one that I hate,
However, peace takes its own time to reach us,
And in between we write our fates.

I am a mere soldier and nothing else, just so you haven’t yet understood,
I take part in pointless activities,
I kill and do no good.

I used to be young, once upon a time and wouldn’t have belived you if you had said,
That joining the army is not what you should do,
In case you’d rather live withhout a head.

I would have ignored you then but now I get my mistake,
As the ground absorbs the darkness above,
I feel like a frozen lake.

The firing goes on outside and I wonder, who I have lost,
Amongst the friends who are fighting out there,
Paying for something, that is not their cost.

My father had always encouraged me and talked about the army with pride,
I remember the night my mother packed my bags,
And the next day, I was buckled up for this ride.

‘You’ll serve the the nation, my son’ my father had said and proudly raised his head,
I was really intrigued by his thought then,
But now, I wouldn’t have cared.

This is not a bad job, but I am a human being, one of a kind,
As youngsters out there prepare their selves for this happily,
I couldn’t be more devastated to be a part of this crime.

I lie here,held captive, while there are deadly roars outside,
It is difficult to admit,
But I tell you this, I seriously don’t want to die.

I close my eyes and give a momentarily thought,
I tighten my grasp around my right arm,
The place where I have been shot.

There is so much out there in the world, which I had always desired to see,
But all that was in my field of experiencing,
Were battle grounds and LOCs.

I think that I am hanging between Life and Death and live, I not will,
The noise outside could burst the night sky,
But the air stands still.

I think that its getting late and that I should leave,
One less soldier, serving this nation’s army,
Will not make anyone grieve.

But before closing my eyes for eternity some pictures invade my mind,
Childhood memories,
Precious things that I must leave behind.

I will be lying to you, if I say that I do not fear death,
But being brave is what I have practiced all my life,
As I let out my last breath.

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