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Looking Back

May 26, 2010
By perfectsymmetry18 SILVER, Durham, New Hampshire
perfectsymmetry18 SILVER, Durham, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
"Very occasionally, if you pay really close attention, life doesn't suck." — Joss Whedon

We were once
one of the same
we laughed
and we cried together
sharing life and laughs
with so much
in common

But now,
what went wrong?
Where did our paths
veer so far
from each others?

You have found another.
someone else to laugh with
leaving me alone
in the cold and dark
afraid to face the world
all by myself

No one to share
my hopes and fears
or my dreams for life

And how should I feel
when I see you?
With your glittering friends
and new life?
When I look at you
I search
for what you used to be.
But it is either gone
or suppressed,
far below the surface.
you don’t let it show
and ruin
your completely new life

What am I to do
when we pass each other in the hall
and you either smile small
or don’t even see me?
Are your eyes fixed
on your new life?
ignoring all from the past?

And so I lie
stuck dreaming
of what you left behind
always looking back,
while you move on.
I’m stagnant in my
useless hopes
and alone

The author's comments:
Not really inspired by per se, but the song snowed under by Keane, and the whole theme of Night Train by Keane added to this for me.

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