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A Letter

May 18, 2010
By pyropoet DIAMOND, Zimmerman, Minnesota
pyropoet DIAMOND, Zimmerman, Minnesota
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You are NEVER alone in your troubles - there is someone who is always willing to lend a hand or a shoulder to you.
-L. Kimpton

To the Love of my Heart -

Oh, how I sincerely wish
To be in your arms again!
Drawing the warmth
From your beautiful heart!
What I would give
For just one more moment
Of eternal bliss with you!
I know that
Both Time and Space
Will not allow
For us to be together,
But - ah, that persistent word! -
I will do whatever I can
To please the Heavens
So that I may be granted
The Time to be with you.
Surely, dear sir, you
Would want this as well?
For if not, please,
Do share your thoughts with me.
I do not want to be deemed
As a foolish girl
Who so naively bared her heart
To that of a man
Who does return her heart's wants.

I must bid you farewell,
Dear sir, for it is time
For me to retire for the night.
I do have high hopes
That I should receive
Your response in the morn.

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