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May 7, 2010
By Vanna-Rae GOLD, Bixby, Oklahoma
Vanna-Rae GOLD, Bixby, Oklahoma
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To the well organized mind death is the next greatest adventure.

now, i dont like what i see.
your eyes no longer sparkle to me.

your cocky grin,
its annoying.

your gapped teeth are no longer cute.

somthing changed with you.
i dont know what
and i dont know why.

somthing definatly changed this time.

im trying to depict
exsactly what.

but i cant see a change
not one.

you walk with that
exsact same swagger.

your stomach isnt
any fatter.

what changed with you?
what did you do?

than it hits me
like icy rain.
i realize you havent changed.

im finally looking beneath you surface,

i now see you are
no longer perfect!

all it took
was a second glace,

to see that yo have imprefections..

oh god
i dont like what i see,

..i liked it better
when you were perfect to me.

The author's comments:
just realizeing..

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