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I Will Never Understand ...

May 1, 2010
By KatieSpeaks BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
KatieSpeaks BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
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You absolutley digust me,
with the way you treat these girls
You make them feel so secure,
then break them like glass
Just dropping them on the ground,
to never clean up the mess
You move on to the next one,
and ignore their crys of sorrow
Not even feeling an ounce of regret,
and to keep walking heavyhearted
Do you ever look back,
Do you ever realize what you've done?
Do you not realize the pain,
the suffering you put them through?
I will never understand,
how you can be so coldhearted
And I will never understand,
why I still keep loving you

The author's comments:
Simply, we all love people we can never have.

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