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I Will Always Love You

April 25, 2010
By PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
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Favorite Quote:
" If I has to chose between loving you and breathing , I would use my last breath to say I love you...."

I never stopped loving you

From the day I met you

To the day I die

When I met you

My heart stopped

The earth stood still

My eyes stood wide

My thoughts ran wild

I was speechless

I went to say hello

I spoke no words

I was in awe

Your eyes drew me to you

An amazing glow was present

The made me melt

A day came

Where I stood

Wearing all white

Standing in front of everyone

I looked into your eyes

I will always love you

Within a year

I sat in a hospital bed with you at my side

And I in great pain

You looked into my eyes

Said I could do this

And whispered softly I will always love you

Three years went by

You stood in front of me

Wearing a camouflaged uniform

You said not to cry, not to be sad

You said I’m doing this for you, for us

You kissed me passionately

Your arms were still around me

I didn’t want you to let go

But you had to

You kissed me again, kissed my hand

You let go of me

I cried

You looked into my eyes, held my hands

You told me “I will always love you”

You walked away, that was the last time I saw you

Within four years of that day

The next time I saw you

I cried

You lied within a wooden bed

I knelt beside you

My hand on your heart

I covered your eyes

I didn’t want you to see me like this

I cried again

I stood

Slowly, and shaking

My hand still on your heart

I wiped my tears

I mouthed five words slowly

I will always love you

The author's comments:
My depiction of that love you have for that special person forever even though all the good and bad things happen.

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