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People Watching

March 27, 2010
By kksme SILVER, Greenvale, New York
kksme SILVER, Greenvale, New York
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I stand over the bridge
Warm wind flips my hair
People walk by
Unknown to them, I watch

A man with the breeze through his hair
Says to the girl “Take care!”
Even though the gust shakes his words
The girl acknowledges she heard
With a smile she blushes and she turns

A man with his dog
Jogs through the thick fog
Headphones in his ears
Running like he could beat the years
Fit for his age
Runs in a jacket of sage
His dog, covered in spots
Tries to avoid tripping in the potholes
The brown legs march
Both their bodies wreak of parch

A girl with odd hair
Catches quite a few stares
However she walks like she is a queen
She takes these stares like she declared her royalty
Her strut takes boys’ breath away
She laughs at their dismay

They don’t know I’m here
Yet they change how I walk
How I run
How I say good-bye
How I take one’s breath away

The author's comments:
I wrote this after my day in New York City. I love the city and I'm so grateful I have such easy access to it. It is just so full of amazing, and inspirational people. People watching in the city can keep some one occupied for years, you never see the same person twice! Even though I don't even know these peoples' names they change how I live my life. I hope that people realize they can learn something from some one, without even knowing them. I remember this one women with this crazy hair who walked as if she owned the world. She had so much confidence as she strutted through the street and it made me realize that you don't have to be beautiful to be so confident.

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