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She and I

March 26, 2010
By CodyBalls GOLD, Richmond, Missouri
CodyBalls GOLD, Richmond, Missouri
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She tells me
"That everytime she sees me
She can't belive
That shes with me
She can't see how she got this lucky"
I stop her
And tell her
"Im the lucky one
There is no one
In the world like you
No one that could ever replace you
This much I know is true"
After this display
She can't think of anything to say
Nothing comes to mind
I lean in and whisper in her ear
"Theres no need to fear
I have you right here
Theres not a place in the world I'd rather be
Without you beside me"
She doesn't know what else to do so she
Leans over and kisses me
And from that point on I know we'll be
Forever and always long ever lasting

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