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The Troubles

February 9, 2010
By Shambler92 PLATINUM, Buenos Aires, Other
Shambler92 PLATINUM, Buenos Aires, Other
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“If they aren't able to destroy the desire for freedom, they won't break you. They won't break me because the desire for freedom, and the freedom of the Irish people, is in my heart. The day will dawn when all the people of Ireland will have the desire for freedom to show. It is then we'll see the rising of the moon.” Bobby Sands

Oh Paddy dear and did ye hear the news that’s goin’ round?
Them Irish blokes all way up north are shoving petrol bombs,
Belfast streets them brits no longer keep, they dare not to show
For they know that at any time they’ll see a rain of fiery glow.

O I met with a black faced man who greeted me with the hand
And said to me “How ‘bout hurling the next one?”
I grabbed the emerald bottle and a lighter he passed by
I timidly flamed the merry vase and threw it to the tanks.

The iron car into flames did burst and all was shinning red,
He padded me in the back and smiled at all that fury shed,
His eyes of pride did burned for freedom’s strength was seen
Within the hearts of that shrouded youth fighting for the green.

I strolled down with my eyes to ground ‘cross the lonely lane,
Backwards I stared to that rioting scene and saw my fearful blaze,
My heart heavy with sorrow saw and wept the cost of liberty:
That blood must be the payment to cease with slavery.

My heart was sore to see them boys setting the night alight
To wash the tear on ould Éire’s face, shackled with cruel spite;
Sayin’ “no spirit grand nor mighty voice could ever set her free,
But the rifles of these Derry men that’ll roar beyond the sea.”

The women on the streets were banging with a loud metal yell,
For their son’s were locked and starving inside a prison cell;
Their boys were dying on hunger strike and nobody could see
That these sons of Ireland’s were dying for the wearing of the green.

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