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Grounded Angel

January 31, 2010
By CosmicLove GOLD, Lincoln, Illinois
CosmicLove GOLD, Lincoln, Illinois
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Broken wings flutter down
They've just flown their last flight
Taken their last journey
They crumble onto the frost bitten ground.
They hold perfectly still.
Not a motion. Not a heartbeat.
But wait,
There's a girl attatched
Cut and bruised
Battered inside
Her turmoil shows on the tear streaked face
It's hidden in her hands
She trembles.
It's apparent she's crying.
Her shoulders shake
But she's silent
She wants to be free
But she's trapped now.
She lost her privelage to fly.
To wander.
And now she's grounded in this strange place.
Cold. Unfamiliar. Terrifying.
She claws her way to her feet
The weight of her wings holds her down
She tries to fly
She falls to the ground.
She's broken
She's giving up.

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