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Green Plaid Shirt

January 26, 2010
By KaraTaylor DIAMOND, Neptune, New Jersey
KaraTaylor DIAMOND, Neptune, New Jersey
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Green plaid dances
Brightly on your
Soft cotton shirt.
Your eyes glance
Peacefully at what
Seems to please your
Behind your eyes
Is a mystery
Of what you see.
How do you feel
Touching those red
Stained lips your
Heart knows so well?
Do you think
Of the girl who
Waits lovingly
For you to realize
Just how much you mean?
Her skin never to know the gentle caressing
Pull of your love
Growing on the rose.
All she feels is the
Prick of every tear
Becoming sharp as nails;
As she climbs the stem.
She knows every
Feel of every beauty
That you so givingly
Let her have.
And yet you lie,
Ever so silently;
Ever so contented.
Unable to comprehend
That familiar look
She gives you.
Your white bunny
Smile sticks out on your
Dark skin as you still lie,
As your soul tugs
And tugs as if
To break and shatter
The barrier between you
And our world
In order to your
Green plaid shirt
Calling her name
To feel its softness.
But only will someone
Love you so harshly
Like the winds of
The hurricane
Of lovely bones
Pulling her, me,
To see your face
Alive again.
Before it is now,
Too late.
Saying an unheard prayer
As my turn comes to
Kneel and remember
By your side once more.
Before your new small
Wooden home is
Before we lower you
Into the unknown below.
Watching your green plaid shirt
Turn to grey and darkness.
Wishing only you knew
Of the care now lying dead
In my heart for you.

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