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Writer's Block

December 14, 2009
By whiterosebeauty GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
whiterosebeauty GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
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Nothing, that's what I see
My mind runs blank
Vacant of the normally free flowing words
Dark and lonely
White and empty
So different yet exactly the same

No matter how hard I search
I can't surface my thoughts
Hidden well in the smothering fog
I fish for a memory
In a sea of empty words
But am finding no such luck

I keep time with the steady beat of my heart
I can feel the hollow emptiness in my stomach
My breath deepens with frustration
So in tune with my body
Everything working in sync
But my mind feels so detatched
I can't translate the words in my head
Gracefully onto papter

How is it that something
That usually comes with such ease
Is sudenly so difficult?
How long will it take to find these lost words in my head?
How deep must I search to uncover a single ideation?

These are questions I cannot fathom the answer to
But for now
I have a a sheet of paper
Scrawled wth the familiar symbols
The very characters I was begging my mind to formulate

The author's comments:
This was written one day in English class out of boredom. Not really sure how I feel about it yet.

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