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My Reason for Leaving; My Reason for Living

November 20, 2009
By autumn_meets_winter PLATINUM, Houma, Louisiana
autumn_meets_winter PLATINUM, Houma, Louisiana
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This Town brings back memories
They sting inside my head
From the time I saw you walking into the room
To the time I said “Goodbye”.
Your tears soaked your face
As you pleaded for me to stay
But I’ve been so selfish in the past
Risking your life for my own play.
Now I stand here on your lawn
Waiting for all of it to go away
For you to forget about everything that’s me.

I want to go back
To the way things were before.
I long to hear your heart beat.
I long to feel your pulse.
If we stayed together
Your future would be unknown.
You would probably be damned to my life
Or end up lifeless in your own little hole.
If you stayed with me
I would be the last thing you’d see
At the end of your life.
If you were to die
I would try to end mine.

Now that we’re far apart
You’ve pushed everyone away
Trapping yourself in emotions
Because of what I had to say.
Now I’ve heard you have taken your life
That you jumped into the deep, deep ocean
Do not worry about me any more
There is nothing you can do to stop me.
My reason to live has drowned in the sea
And now I shall join her.

As I walk down the hall
To the rulers at the end
All I can think about is your tear drenched face.
How I hurt you in a way no one could.
How I told you to forget about me
Though I knew you never would.
I pleaded for my own death
To the rulers on blood, red thrones.
They have denied my request
For the gift that I own.

There is only one way out now
I’m going to take it.
I will expose the monster I am
To the great city they know.
Don’t worry now, love
We can be together now
For at high noon tomorrow
The rulers will take my life.
We can be together now
Without worrying about your life.
For at high noon tomorrow
The monster in me shall die.

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