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My Desk

November 3, 2009
By ikinz101 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
ikinz101 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Candy wrappers and popcorn bags,
Old post-it notes and Hollister tags.
Palettes of eye shadow colored pink, orange, and blue,
Index cards, ball point pens, and a calculator, too.
A birthday invitation from last May,
A science test(I got an A).
An outdated book and an earring back,
A silver house phone and a purple thumbtack.
A pile of looseleaf and a wadded up paper ball,
And a pretty colored leaf I got from this fall.
An old PA I never use,
A picture of my softball team(We never, ever lose).
A music album of Owl City,
A single, little hair from my brand new kitty.
A printer, a laptop, and a Coach bag that’s red,
A thesaurus, a pair of scissors, and a container of pencil led.
A water bottle cap,
An old Puerto Rican map.
A replica of a pig with wings,
And a whole slew of other crazy things.

The author's comments:
My desk at home is horribley messy. These are just a few of the things you'll find on there.

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