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Life after Death

October 16, 2009
By CrystalClosure GOLD, Hudsonville, Michigan
CrystalClosure GOLD, Hudsonville, Michigan
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"We are all like snowfakes, beautiful and fragile. Though our purpose is simple and our lives are short, we shall make the most of what we have been given."

We live to die I can see it in your eyes,
Dark to Light or day to night we are seperate all our lives,
Sinners to Saints or Saints to Sinners it makes no difference to what order you place them in,
We'll all live again another day, but till then know your friends, know your enemies, and live each breath to its last.
For the Moon's light will lead you into the darkness of the night, and the stars will guide you to your memories of nightmares you've once mistaken for a sweet dream.
So follow your dark nightmares to relive your ambitions and learn from the rising sun and the drifting clouds to run into the emptiness of space.
Run! Run, far away from me because I will chase you towards your past and drive you towards your future which holds your death.
But there's always a life after death.

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