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Love is a Powerful Thing

October 1, 2009
By dancer4jesus BRONZE, San Marcos, California
dancer4jesus BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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Favorite Quote:
The heart writes the words of the music that the soul dances to.

Love is a Powerful Thing

An old man sits on a bench in the park, his hair his matted, and his pants are torn,
He hasn’t eaten for days and his heart is sad, he has more on his plate than anyone should
A young girl is picnicking with her family, into a richer family she was born
She’s been watching him for the past 5 minutes and in the innocence of her childhood brings a sandwich from the basket and places it into his dust streaked hands that from work they are tired and worn.
His eyes light up in wonder, and apprehensively he begins to refuse it, but there she stood
Pushing it further into the depths of his hands, she gave him a warm smile.
Now he has the encouragement to bless others who may be even less fortunate than he,
Love is a powerful thing.

A young orphan sleeping, abandoned and scared
He’s learned to steal, to fight, and be strong
Yet inside his heart cries, cries for the family he never knew.
Today he would like to make his last
Until he sees an old man beckoning him from afar
The young boy rubs his eyes and slowly walks over
With him the man has a woman, holding a picture in her wrinkled hands,
The picture is of a boy just like himself
He would have never been able to be a part of the family, if the woman didn’t love
The grandson whom she had lost so long ago
Love is a powerful thing

Trudging the halls of the local middle school,
A boy fit with freckles, glasses, braces, and a limp
The bullies push him around, his books drop and he trips and falls, they make him feel like a fool
He tries to fight back, but his punch is weak and they call him a wimp
The young orphan dashes to his side, delivers a punch as hard as the kick of a mule.
He stands up for the hurt, the weak, and the poor, and fights against the wicked, the cruel.
Love is a powerful thing.

A boy about to be thrown out of the house for failing school, and for being a disgrace,
Comes across the boy with glasses, braces, and a limp
The delinquent tells him the story of his troubles,
And the young scholar decides to help him with his school work, guiding him to A’s in all classes,
And with that confidence, the delinquent changes his ways, he is now an almost perfect student.
Love is a powerful thing.

The transformed boy grows up to become the founder of a large company,
The money he earns, goes not towards a billion dollar home,
But towards organizations for children in Africa; the money aides many,
It provides them with the simplest of items like, a toothbrush and comb
And it funds research to help cure diseases like AIDS and Malaria.
Love is a powerful thing.

A young boy in Africa, his body is bare,
Made up of nothing but bones. He is malnourished and sick with malaria.
His mother carried him to a missionary hospital where he received all the necessary care.
And as he sat inside the waiting area,
His mother gazed at him lovingly, she knows he will be able to grow up to be the boy God wants him to be.
Love is a powerful thing

The author's comments:
This poem address the lack of love within our world. If we can each impact one person, it may create a chain reaction all around the world. Now is the time to change someone's life for the better.

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