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September 24, 2009
By NemoMag GOLD, Hanna, Other
NemoMag GOLD, Hanna, Other
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Dijin's luck to you I say,
Dijin's curse a thing of day,
for dijin's luck to come again,
to earth, in hope of mend,

No delay for us to speak
no delay on spells of weak,
time to flee on rivers glass,
ice of hope, while winters last,

Power of young, wisdom of old
magick of change
in strength we hold,
across the ocean in
deaths dark breath
to sink into the currents depths;

time for song from broken harp
music from voices muted in dark,
dying souls, reaping hunters,
people die not knowing letters

to those with the power they will call
to those of power humans shall fall,
for the elements in love and hope
no more losses on hang man's rope.

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