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It was a Fraud and I was Framed

September 19, 2009
By Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
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It was a fraud
And I was framed

I swear I didn’t do it
But they claim I did

I knew nothing of this
Just showed up at
The wrong place at the
Wrong time

The little man pointed
“It was him”
That little lying man
Who I once thought was kind

I would go to his bakery
Everyday just
To buy some of his bread
With the money
Mama gave me

The lying man didn’t used to lie
He used to laugh and joke
With the grown-ups
Who were old enough
To understand jokes
I would laugh and pretend
That I understood too

But lately the little man was different
If I was still little I would ask mama
Why he was so sad
And she would try to explain about the economy
And how people would pretend bad things happened
Just to get money from the government

But I didn’t need explaining
I understood

But now the little man looked at me
With such a painful, apologetic expression
I knew I’d forgive him
Even if it was a fraud
And I was framed

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