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no matter

September 13, 2009
By SilverSkinItalian BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
SilverSkinItalian BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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no matter how much i beg
no matter how much i cry
i will never get you to understand
my life is a mess
my mind out of control with thoughts
some good some bad
but i am mostly sad
i never thought i'd feel this way
but you complete me
no matter what you say
no matter what you do
i will always be by you
you make me happy
even if i dont show it
you always ask me if i'm ok
when you see i'm down with the blues
no matter what you've done
no matter who your with
i will always love you
hugs are what i receive from you
and i love to receive them
even if i have to hug my bear
pretending it's you until your there
no matter how you act
no matter how you don't
i will always be right here
when tears escape from my eyes
your the voice that tells me not to cry
it's easy to say out load to myself
but complicated when your around
no matter what life brings
no matter if there are things we'll share
i will never leave you
i wish you could see you through my eyes and i wish we never say goodbye
cause no matter what you do
no matter what i say

The author's comments:
i was feeling down one day, and a very good friend of mine said something that cheered me up, so i wrote this for her. and she loved it!

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