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Read me like a book

September 4, 2009
By Shyannah SILVER, Plymouth, Wisconsin
Shyannah SILVER, Plymouth, Wisconsin
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You say you can read me like a book
Please do try
Will you summarize it up for me
Tell me how the ending was
Was it a book worth reading
I would really like to know

I didn’t know I was that simple
That I was so predictable
Please tell me since you know me so well
What I should do different
Am I going down the wrong path
After all you do know the ending, right?

Please tell me how it is that you know me
And I don’t even know me
I’m trying to figure out who I am
Trying to create my own self
And you’re willing to give away the ending
Who do you think you are

You’re wrong
You may think you know me but that’s one side
You may think you can read me, but that’s one version
You may think im simple, but theres a little complication
You may think you know my ending, but it isn’t here yet

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