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Secrets in the Dark

January 17, 2023
By elliewu SILVER, Irvine, California
elliewu SILVER, Irvine, California
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Even when you face a difficult moment and fall a little bit behind, as if you’re doing a long jump, wouldn’t you have a longer runway to be able to jump further?

They say wandering means you’re lost

They say wandering means you’re alone

They say wandering means you’re purposeless

But what if wandering is my freedom

What if wandering is my dream

What if wandering is the only way I can forget about everything

The only way I can hear my own voice

They say darkness is dangerous

They say darkness is sadness

They say darkness is soulless

But what if darkness is my escape

What if darkness is my shelter

What if darkness is the only place where I can actually be me

The only place I can let myself free

The light unravels my worries and doubts

The light reminds me of my regrets

The light reveals my pretending

And there is fear that in the light everyone can see-

There is fear in the light that everyone will see-

There is fear that in the light my flaws will be revealed

And eventually everyone will finally see what I see-

My broken mask that hides my pain

My smile that hides insecurities

My wistful dreams that I know will never be reached

And a heart that is slowly tearing apart

And in this darkened wandering

It is only then

I can finally acknowledge

This void inside of me

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