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Where the Light Shines

July 15, 2021
By celenashen2004 BRONZE, Beijing, Other
celenashen2004 BRONZE, Beijing, Other
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The darkness rises far from ground,

Until there is no way down,

Submerged beneath, is another town

That will never again be found


And you were sailing faraway

Leave behind the world to pass away

Would you run off this world someday?

Is this the price I pay


I watch as you sink in grace

Waiting for you, is the devil’s embrace

These are the consequences you face

For I am disappearing without a trace


In the dark, there is a fading light,

that flickers slightly, before the darkness’ invite

But at least here you are blinded by the sight

Of the dying humanity in the stormy night


In the end, we both drown

but it’s you who have pushed me down

The author's comments:

Global warming continues to be a very important issue yet not enough attention is brought to it. Hence, it is important to acknowledge and resolve this issue before it is too late.

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