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The House by the Sea

May 15, 2021
By sarahcf BRONZE, Mountain View, California
sarahcf BRONZE, Mountain View, California
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I built a pretty home —

Glossy shades of blue

Windows clear as glass

A sprawling coastal view.

I watched the crashing waves

I smelled the salty air

I touched the frigid blue

The salt inside my hair.

In the year 2060

My home is no more

Submerged beneath the water

Swallowed by the shore.

Sea melting, global warming

The ocean screams in pain

The glaciers wilt away

We ignore; we complain.

I mourn my pretty house

I mourn the ocean blue

So those in 2021,

Here is what you must do.

Love the sprawling ocean

Save the stretching trees

Restrict the use of fossil fuels

Listen to the breeze.

There is a simmering hope

But you must take the reigns

Treat the ocean water

Like the blood inside your veins.

Pass laws and scream your truth

Til your lungs give out

Make others hear you

If their ears are filled with doubt.

Our oceans need your help

They are tired and in need

The storm brews inside them

That simply must be freed.

If glacier melt was stopped

My house by the sea

Would not be drenched in water

It would be there, just for me.

So please, in 2021

When a change can still be made

Raise your hands and rectify

The mess that has been made.

The oceans are a-calling

So heed to their call

There is hope in YOU

YOU can save us all.

The author's comments:

This poem is raising awareness for global warming and resulting rising sea levels. By 2060, many coastline cities could be swallowed by the water. We need to take action immediately.

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