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Leave Me Be

April 1, 2021
By Elizabeth004 GOLD, Eastman, Georgia
Elizabeth004 GOLD, Eastman, Georgia
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Time one; diving straight

Where the ground may meet my feet

Not one care in this world

Just one wish to be freed

Leave me be; leave me now

For my hands shall graze your skin

As I tumble and fall past shadows anew

My walls slowly cave in

Leave me, leave me be; I scream and beg aloud

The waves of dust color my pale skin new

For I have not ONE care in this world

Here I wish to lay alone

A broken mold once more

Here I wish to remain free 

For here is where you left me be

Covered head to toe in stone

The author's comments:

This piece took some tweeking to become the message I wanted to portray, but even though it might not make much sense, there lies a deeper meaning if you truly understand.

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