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Mental Health Composing Rocky Road

March 24, 2021
By AverilRoseHepler SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
AverilRoseHepler SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
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Conducted by marshmallows,

the soft yet frozen,

white, once squishy-

composed a symphony.


in harmonic progression.

The Savory dark chocolate chunks,

cherish the bittersweet-

tried for disposition.

Walnuts adagio-

once they meet in the smooth

creamy chocolate ice cream.


delightful ingredients.

Comforting then not.

It’s a pillow of feathers- 

overpowering percentiles of flavors.

Prestissimo then to an uncomprehending halt.

Everything is silent.

It is all in my head.

There is no buzz.

Just a muse so mellow.

A melody-

with vulnerable keys.

The motif is a canon-

but there is a composure.

There is a chorus,



It gives an accent.

Invigorating creativity.

Determined with possibility.

Sweet, delicate, and pure.


crashing waves

over and over.



They render inviting harmonies-

Reminiscing the luscious chorus of Rocky Road.

Confusion married my mind.

Discomfited shattered my soul.

Tattered like paper-

heart obsessed.

On a broken vinyl-

the record spins.

Painted in obsessive colors-

seen merely as a mess.

Visited often-

heartache hall of fame.

Broken lyrics-

the voices don't notice there is a loss.

When there is no more truth-

solitary is terminated.

Conducted by marshmallows

the soft yet frozen feelings,

and profound melting memories.

My life-

a war.


The author's comments:

This peace is about my depression and anxiety journey. In metaphorical terms of ice cream and a war. I wanted to capture the feeling of depression, my experience, and getting over depression which had impacted my life greatly. This poem has helped me express this and I hope that others can connect to this, understand others or help others understand/feel these emotions.

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