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All While Five Tears Silently Fall

April 2, 2019
By Landofdawn BRONZE, Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Landofdawn BRONZE, Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Five seems to be a number that hurts

All while five tears silently fall 

Five deaths in five months 

4 family members and one close family friend  

Five cases of panic attacks

Five constrictions in my chest

Five nights full of tears 

Five days that shall never be forgotten 

Five families forever changed 

Over 50 hearts broken

Five losses never ending

Five hearts shall never beat again 

Five souls darken to black

Five worlds crumbling down 

All while five tears Silently fall

Five spirits finally free 

Five lives who no longer worry 

Five souls to watch over me 

Five hearts no longer to be crushed 

Five people no longer to protect 

Five seem to finally be free 

All while five tears silently fall 

The author's comments:

On October 30th 2018 my grandpa died. Every month since then four family members and one really close family friend died. One passed every month and my uncle is one of them he died March 13 2019. On March 29th my teacher said enjoy your vacation to missouri that caught me off guard so when I explained that I'm going to Missouri for my uncles memorial I lost it. I haven't cried for any of the five people who passed until that day it all hit me at once. So I tried to channel it into something so I wrote this poem 

My name is Emily and this is my poems story

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