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March 27, 2019
By jessahart GOLD, Boyertown, Pennsylvania
jessahart GOLD, Boyertown, Pennsylvania
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Sudden movements across the cluttered field that is the human brain

         Eyes dart from one focal point to the next

                                                                       Never really grasping full attention

       Never understanding the the words and phrases that bounce freely in my head

                            I try to grip focus for my own good, it just doesn’t work out

                           They ask me if I’m listening; if I care

The answer is yes

                          Is that so hard to believe?

           It’s not a condition, as much as it is a state of mind

I want to give you my full attention

                                                I really do

                           I’ll listen to you with intent to follow orders, but can never follow through

       Don’t get mad at me

When you speak I think of anything and everything but the words the drop from your lips

                             If only you understood my constant madhouse of a mind

           My jungle head works too fast

The author's comments:

I wrote this to emphasize what it is like inside the mind of someone who struggles with ADHD, and what it constantly feels like inside my hectic mind.

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