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What is Love?

March 8, 2019
By PB1-2 SILVER, Parkland, Florida
PB1-2 SILVER, Parkland, Florida
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What is love?

Can it ever be reached, is it tangible, can it heal?

Can I prove that I love you, can I prove it’s all real?

Am I supposed to tell you what I feel




Feelings, subjective, I can’t prove them

Philosophy plagues my mind

To prove the reality I’m in

But to prove the reality of love I’d have to be the universe

All I know is you are my universe

And so I can’t tell you love is real

I can tell you my heart beats faster when you’re around

I can tell you your eyes are a map of light and darkness

I can tell you your soul is a puzzle with missing pieces

I can tell you my missing pieces no longer ached near you

Since love isn’t real, I can’t categorize my feelings

And while it might be the best feeling I have felt

Love is not real

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