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The Room Filled With Fear

November 13, 2018
By Shayla.Long DIAMOND, Louisville, Kentucky
Shayla.Long DIAMOND, Louisville, Kentucky
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The fear you give off 

Rips me to pieces. 

I have not seen you smile in 

So long. 

Seeing you 

So afraid 

Grips my stomach 

And cuts my heart strings. 

Or at least thats what I tell you. 


I want to believe myself 

But I am a liar 

With deep roots. 

Can you forgive me? 

For all the little sores 

For every gash that I have inflicted upon your person. 

But you never run away, so it must be okay. 


Or at least, thats what I tell myself. 

I see so much red. So much red. 

And I dont know what to do. 

So I left you. 

In that dusty motel room, still bleeding. 

I bought you chocolates, 

Because you always tell me there's nothing chocolate can't fix. 


When I get back 

As i'm walking into the room 


I feel your fear. 


I know somethings is wrong 


I turned the doornob 


Nothing has ever felt more cold. 

I feared I would turn into a block of ice. 

I walked in to see you lying there 

In the same spot I left you. 

Drowning in a pool of your own blood. 

I never thought I would get this bad. 


I kneel beside you and try to hard to make you breathe. 

I shoved chocolate down your throat 

But it didn't fix anything. 

I got so mad at you. 


Like I never had before. 

And I kept hitting you until there was so much blood that I couldn't see anything but blood. 


I had never seen so much. 

Your hot blood covered me. 

And I wasnt afraid that I would turn into a block of ice anymore. 



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