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ancient and just as bad

September 11, 2018
By WinterSunSummerSnow SILVER, Miami, Florida
WinterSunSummerSnow SILVER, Miami, Florida
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I've just got….a vague aversion to the dumbing down of the education system. Something's coming, I guess. Something bad, probably. Something vague, negative, vaguely negative negatively vague





and that's (that's what it's gonna be) thaT's what it's gonna be Why would you take out the first part of history erased

like it never


ex isted never it like never exist ed

teachers tend to teach to the test. especially when you have to cover so much history in so little time, it's worryign worrrrryging worrung worrying cant even type straight cant eveb even THOINk THINK starog straight

and if yhe the test is being taught to and the test the test is shorter and only has a time when women dont have rights and religion is already a thing and people are already sivilized civilixed civilized and there's no reasons reasons reasom reasons to fight for rights because "it's always been that way" become because the test is like that so the class so tha the school is like that and the kids are taught that so the re the so the kids grow uo up and the kids think that and next thing tyou you know the kids are writing the history books and the kids dont know what it was like the kids dont know about hatshepsut who was nearly erased from history and the kids dont know about the development of zoroastrianism or how to spell nebudchadnezzar or how the ancient greeks got water the kids dont know the kids just know that yay we live the best place ever yay america lololololol its not like

its not

its not like its ever been different








we learn about history to learn from the mistakes of the past

so what happens when we dont know about the mistakes when we dont know why the indus river valley civilization disappeared what if we're the next indus river valley civilization what if we disappear too because we let culture and history and truth be erased

what if what if what if what if

what if we become ancient and just as bad

The author's comments:

So, the college board is looking to cut the AP World History test from prehistory-present to 1400 CE - present. It just makes me nervous about the erasing of culture and the existence of history that is now doomed to repeat itself

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