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The Hidden

October 3, 2017
By WhiteNoise PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
WhiteNoise PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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Mistake maker
Risk taker
Emotional teen
Unsolved mystery
He’s quiet
Prison riot
Made imperfectly
He’s always tired
Differently wired
He’s going insane
But he doesn’t complain
He’s used to living this hell
He’s used to hurting himself
He’s used to the stares
From the people that don’t care
About what he thinks
Back to the shadows, he shrinks
Even if he isn’t wrong
He still doesn’t belong
Odd one out, no sorrow
Try and find him. Where’s Waldo?
Eternal game of hide and seek
Trust and believe, you won’t find me
Nobody understands this teen
Nobody knows what he has seen
He has done nothing, yet he is to blame
Why, then, is he ashamed?
He sits back, running from his thoughts
Hoping he doesn’t get caught
Constantly moving
Yet he doesn’t know what he’s doing
He’s always stressed
Frequently depressed
Many a dark secret
He trusts only himself to keep it
Trust is earned
Bridges burned
No more liars
Untouched by fire
He doesn’t want to be noticed
Just disappear. Hocus pocus
He hates this place
So he hides his face
Good thing too.
You don’t want to see this mistake

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