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You Are...

June 9, 2013
By Maddie777 SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
Maddie777 SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
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One day you turned to me and asked,
“Who am I to you?”

And I thought,
What a silly question.
Because I thought you already knew.
So I decided to write you a poem.
Believe me, it wasn’t easy.
I just thought that maybe you’d like it.
But stop me if I get a bit cheesy.
You are the Watson to my Sherlock Holmes.
You are the sticky to my rice.
You are like peppermint gum
And peppermint gum is quite nice.
You are the peanut butter to my Ritz cracker.
You are the glue to my glitter.
You are weed to the high school slacker
You are the baby to my sitter.
If I sneeze, you’re always there.
Like a tissue, you catch my snot.
And I don’t know if you know this
But I really do sneeze a lot.
Are you getting this metaphor?
Am I being clear?
I’m doing my best to play this by ear.
I’m pretending to know what I’m talking about
When really I don’t have a clue.
Believe me when I say there is no doubt
That I am in love with you.
Well, I hope I’ve answered your question
About who you are to me
Because someday, all of these things
Are things I wish I could be.

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on Jul. 4 2013 at 12:34 am
MadelineSwift PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
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I love the quirky metaphors you used in this instead of the usual sappy romantic ones. It puts a refreshing spin on it.