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Your passion runs through my veins

August 29, 2012
By faypirate23 DIAMOND, Fayetteville, West Virginia
faypirate23 DIAMOND, Fayetteville, West Virginia
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Please forgive me for the things I've done please save me from the forsaken person I've become.
This heart wrenching pain was endless before you came, life without you is too much to bear. To me you are fire, but this flame we share. I know we're miles apart, but it feels as if you are still there.
I can feel you beneath my skin transforming my soul from within. I can't imagine life without you,it must be a sin.
Your eyes remind me of a sacred place, I can feel the light illuminating from your beautiful face. When you touch my hand, my body trembles, and then it goes numb, before you saved me, I hated what i had become.
My soul was dark, my heart was torn, I lived a life of deceit and I was forlorn.
As hopeless as I was, as wreck less as i was broken, you kissed me and suddenly I was awoken the curse was broken.
The love we share is more than just lust, it's an undeniable wall of trust.
If the wonder wall we have built should ever fall, we are strong and have the patience and tools to fix it all.
Your passion runs through my veins like a drug, a never ending addiction with every touch every look, every word, every hug every dose of you pulls me closer in, I continue to follow the path we are traveling much like Buddha follows zen.
I will never stray from this path we have made together again.
Words are just words, and actions are the truth, I promise you i will never act uncouth.
As we grow we learn, and everyday we must take the right turn.
Our love flows free like a river to the sea, it is wild but never reckless and strong like a tree. God has given me more than just your presence and your love, he has sent me a real angel, from the heavens above.
We are far from pure, but together we will find a cure.
No one could ever be this close to me, we are connected, we are one, the only one I see. To say I love you would never be enough, this is only a part of how I feel, I only know that it is real. you are my favorite song, my melody, my tune and our love will only continue to get sweeter and blossom like the flowers in June.
I will love you in the morning, and in the afternoon and when the sun shall set and hide behind the clouds, our love shall be everlasting and burning bright like the moon <3

The author's comments:
I have so much love to give.

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