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Out in the Tide

February 15, 2012
By Fawny PLATINUM, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Fawny PLATINUM, Cheyenne, Wyoming
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I can see the lines
Under your eyes.
Look close, you're in disguise.
Behind society is where you hide.
Keep your true identity locked inside,
Throw it out into the tumultuous tide.
Turn away as it screams and cries,
Hoping a sailor will save it before it dies.
Pretend you are sincere, create a haven within your lies.
And laugh when you are expected to,
Do what you tell yourself you want to do.
Follow the leader who is always better than you.
Listen to what is whispered in your ear,
Paying attention to only that which is near.
Keep your pretenses forever close and dear.
If you are good enough at faking, no one will know.
Do not leave a trail, they will never know where you go.
And if you are someone else, never let it show.

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