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JuSt YoU aNd Me!!!!

September 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Walking across the street,
just you and me,
are hands closed tight,
swinging by our sides,
talking as we walk,
laughing as we talk,
red an green lights flickering as we pass,cars going by fast,
the music way up high,
while the cars drive,
filling up are ears,
yearinig up my tears,
his arms around my waist,
as it hits the new day,
eyes upon eyes,
saying are goodbyes,
holding on to eachother,
loving one another,
kiss as i walk up stairs,
knowing hell always be there,
smiling so pretty,
feeling so dizzy,
waiting to be with him again,
in the morning at ten.

The author's comments:
me and my boyfriend!!:D

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This is a lovely poem, but please learn how to spell or at least use spell-check before you publish. The silly errors in here are unprofessional.