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The End of Bellerophon

May 14, 2011
By Kupohunter BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Kupohunter BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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At the cave, I make the mast.
Then I attach it to the raft.

And then I sail,
sail the river Styx.

Darkness comes
and Light fades.

As I sail,
sail the river Styx.

My death shall be told of,
It shall be noble.

As I sail,
sail the river Styx.

I do this for love,
I do this for family.

As I sail,
sail the river Styx.

They have died,
and I am alone.

As I sail,
sail the river Styx.

At a bend,
I ponder the choice.

As I sail,
sail the river Styx.

It is too late
to turn back.

And I sail,
sail the river Styx.

I see Charon,
In his evil robe.

As I sail,
sail the river Styx.

“Who are you?”
asked he.

As I sail,
sail the river Styx.

“I am Bellerophon,
son of Poseidon.”

As I float,
float upon the river Styx.

“Why are you here?”
asked he like nails on a board.

“I am banished,
banished by many.”

As I float,
float upon the river Styx.

“I am cripple,
My wife and friends dead.”

As I float,
float upon the river Styx.

“I wish to die,
but a hero’s death.”

As I float,
float upon the river Styx.

“My disability
cannot allow that.”

As I float,
float on the river Styx.

I toss the figure a drachma,
It was my last.

And silence prevails,
prevails on the river Styx.

“Then you may pass.”
said the ghostly one.

And now again I sail,
sail the river Styx.

The river is rougher,
it is getting wider.

As I sail,
sail the river Styx.

I hear rapids,
the falls are near.

And I steer,
steer on the river Styx.

I cannot reach shore,
I know what I must do.

And I jump,
jump into the river Styx.

My life is clawed at,
but I persevere.

And I crawl,
crawl onto the shore.

Darkness comes,
and light fades.

And all is quiet,
quiet by the river Styx.

As I stir,
A shadow looms.

And I hear growling,
growling by the river Styx.

‘Tis the shadow of Cerberus,
bane of all beasts.

The Guardian of Hades snarls,
snarls by the river Styx.

I roll to my side,
as the beast receives a mouth of dirt.

And I dodge,
Dodge along the river Styx.

I call upon the strength
of the river Styx.

Lo and Behold!
Rising is the river Styx.

The foolish beast
steps into the shallow water.

And his soul is burnt,
Burnt through the power of the River Styx.

The beast of Hades was Slain.

and I crawl,
Crawl far from the River Styx.

The Souls of those long past
shriek and begin grabbing at me.

They wish for me to save them,
Save them from Hades.

But alas, I can do nothing,
So I persevere and ignore them.

I can feel the hands,
hands of those in Hades.

That feeling of eternal cold
never shall leave me, never.

I am parched and hungry.
I see a pool.

And I drink,
drink in Hades.

It fills me up,
and I forget my worries.

And I forget,
forget in Hades.

Suddenly most memories of my life are gone,
leaving only knowledge and my trip here.

I must crawl,
crawl to Hades.

I will go to his palace,
it is called Erebus.

And I crawl,
crawl to Hades.

I can see the pure decaying gray columns,
and the darker-than-death roof.

And I gaze,
I gaze in Hades.

In the large cave that Hades is,
the only gardens are here for Persephone.

And I crawl on,
crawl on to Hades.

At the gate,
the skeleton-guards see me.

They ask,
ask in Hades.

“How did you get in?
Who are you?”

I answer,
I answer in Hades.

“I am Bellerophon,
Son of Poseidon.”

I continue,
continue in Hades.

“I have slain Cerberus,
and I wish to talk to your lord.”

They laugh,
laugh in Hades.

“You, slay Cerberus!

Their bones shake,
shake in Hades.

I grab a bone from each,
and they collapse in a pile.

The chuckles echo,
echo ghostly in Hades.

I crawl into Erebus,
to the throne room.

I see him,
I see Hades.

“Who dare disturbs
the great omnipotent Hades!”

His voice reverberates in the hall,
in the hall of Hades.

The god’s pale skin and bald head
contrast with his black robe.

And I speak,
speak to Hades.

“ ‘Tis I your lordship,
Bellerophon, rejected Son of Poseidon.”

“Why are you here?” speaks,
speaks the god Hades.

“I wish to live in the Elysian Fields
for an Eternity.”

“Why should I let you?” booms,
booms Hades.

“I have done heroic deeds,
and wish to see my deceased loved ones.”

“Do your deeds include killing Cerberus?” asked,
asked Hades.

“No, I made the Styx rise,
and the Styx killed him.”

All is quiet,
quiet in the halls of Hades.

“Never has the Styx risen.”
speaks Hades.

Again all is quiet,
quiet in the halls of Hades.

“I shall grant your wish,
for an adversary that great should not exist.”

For the first time I smile,
smile in Hades.

In the blink of an eye,
I disappear.

As I reappear my memories,
yes my memories return thanks to the river Styx.

The author's comments:
Translated, the title is The End of Bellerophon. It is my alternate ending to Euripides' Play: "Bellerophontes"

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