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By Alivia_40 BRONZE
Decatur, Indiana

I lead faithfully as the sun, As it brings forth the day and the night And does its job until the day is done. It is the star that is brightest,      &n...
Alivia_40 BRONZE, Decatur, Indiana
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#62 Poetry
By mariamghaloo BRONZE
Darien, Connecticut
mariamghaloo BRONZE, Darien, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"Do not feel lonely; the entire universe is inside you" -Rumi

jennee21_ann GOLD, Helper, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't gain the world and lose your soul....wisdom is better than silver or gold."

"You can always close a book, but you can never close the mind of a writer."

#64 Poetry
Muncie, Indiana
TN SILVER, Muncie, Indiana
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#65 Poetry
By acook9705 GOLD
Evanston, Wyoming
acook9705 GOLD, Evanston, Wyoming
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Favorite Quote:
Fear has two meanings

Face. Everything. And. Rise
Fear. Everything. And. Run

#66 Poetry
By Casandrad2163 BRONZE
Jamaica, New York
Casandrad2163 BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
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#67 Poetry
By distant_dreamer GOLD
Belmont, New Hampshire
distant_dreamer GOLD, Belmont, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
"Life's a climb, but the view is great!"

#68 Poetry
Roslyn Heights, New York
KICK3593 PLATINUM, Roslyn Heights, New York
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#69 Poetry
By maddiep5 BRONZE
Vienna, Virginia
maddiep5 BRONZE, Vienna, Virginia
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#70 Poetry
By s40047529 BRONZE
Jupiter, Florida
s40047529 BRONZE, Jupiter, Florida
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