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Opposites Attract

March 19, 2009
By Gothicstargirl BRONZE, Mission, Texas
Gothicstargirl BRONZE, Mission, Texas
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Opposites Attract
Resentment burns for eternity in the grasp of the Darkness
Benevolence shines in the most brightes of Life's gardens
They are two opposites which make each other whole
Benevolence, the angel, is trying to reach her goal
Resentment, the demon, everyday tries to escape
With Her wings streched afar, Benevolence reaches Hell's gates
She opens the gates and strides through the path
Resentment calls to Her from Darkness's grasp
Benevolence streches Her wings and flies to Resentment's side
As She tries to release Him a realization crosses her mind
Even though He is war, She is His solution: peace
All She had to do to free Him was convince Him to believe
So, She shouts,'' Resentment, look into my eyes!''
It was the only way.He answers with,'' Why must you suggest what I despise?''
He turns his Raven's eyes to Her and hope creeps into his mind
He wondered why all these years he had made himself so blind
The Darkness's hands suddenly turn into dust
Resentment turns around and gives It a look with so much disgust
He had tortured Himself with his own power all of these years
Benevolence saw something slide down his cheek, the slightest of tears
Emotion is one thing He'd never shown, maybe things were finally about to change
She answers to His emotion with a question, '' Are you glad you called my name?''
He gave a nod, '' Hope is now in my life, but that doesn't mean hatred will die.''
She gave Him a smile and She took His hand, maybe She decided He isn't so bad.

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