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She's sick of these places

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

She's sick of these places,She cant find herself,She's sick of these faces,She only wants help,She's sick of people lying,Not doing as they say,She's sick of crying,Nothing makes since these days,She's tired of being pushed out,She messed things up,An everything around her makes her want to give up,Her spirt is tearing,There's nothing you can do,She's sick of being hurt,An it's all coming from you,She doesnt know why she let it go so long,She just couldnt see how you were so wrong,She's sick of you tearing her apart,Remember all the times she helped fix your heart,You broke her an left her in the dark,She has no one to turn to,You've left her with a mark,She needs needs to get away before she just breaks,She's learning it was all only her mistakes,She's so ashamed,She only has you to blame,She helped you through your weakest time,An because you think she lied it's a crime,But dont worry about her she'll be fine,She's just going to leave you an everyone else behind

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