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the experiment

February 4, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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in life we wish to make an impression
some make a dent
some seem to fail
and fall into depression
they never payed attention
during the lesson
loosing all the teachings
on what to do
they lost their manual
on what to do
who to go to
and now they have no clue
them in a field of depression
asking more questions
than beats theyre heart makes
it could take them days or years
it could fill their pores with tears
its an unpredictable disease
with scientists all around them
recording their every move
a knife is placed in their hand
with a twitch of their eye
they start to carve a groove
on the flesh above a vein
the blood penitrates the air
but they dont take a care in the world
slowly they fall to their knee's
leaning their head back, they let out a breath
they had kept in for so long
the scientist take note
with intrieged looks on their faces
the subject is slumped against a wall
the sobbing has stopped
the tears have dried
with that one knife
they have survived
the scientist huddle around
making little whispers of sounds
they break and one man steps over to the subject
pale and eyes half way closed
he looks at the subjects arms
scars in neat rows
the only thing the subject kept organized
the thing that seemed to keep the subject alive
the scientist thought
"this isnt the way.."
he lightly touches the subjects chin
lifting his head up high where is hadnt been for in so long
they stare into each others eyes
the scientist takes a deep breath in
"its going to be ok"
for the first time in the experiment
the subject smiled
the scientist smiled back
he carefully grabbed his arm, helping the subject to their feet
a sweet smell came through the air
in a draft of care
with the help of another, the subject survived
it wasnt the knife, the scientist noticed
it wasnt the knife

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