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Till the end of time

May 7, 2008
By Angel Weaver, Jamestown, NY

I see it in your eyes but you hide it so deep
When you look into my eyes it’s hard for me to speak
At night I can’t sleep and I begin to weep
My love for you is so deep
It makes me weak
To scared to be turned down
I think I might drown
I’m drowning
Then you grab my hand
You look into my eyes and smile
In your arms I just want to die
This is not a lie
Then I wake up and start to cry
You would probably think I’m a creep
But I can’t help my love for you is so deep
But I will never be with you
We will just never be true
But I will always love you
Till the end of time
As I told in this rhyme

--Angel Weaver

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