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The Life Wanted

January 4, 2013
By NessaLeanne SILVER, San Francisco, California
NessaLeanne SILVER, San Francisco, California
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I intensely stared back
My skin
An ugly shade of brown
Far from handsome
Far from a princess to crown

I was given life
I know I shouldn’t think this way
I’m supposed to learn and foster
Until I would be old and gray

When I was just a child
I took everything I saw
Dreaming of the wonders
That often left me breaking the rules and laws

I decided to escape my problems
I knew it was wrong
But I couldn’t take it anymore
When the words didn’t stop
When the pain was prolong

Day after day
I kept from speaking out
This feeling I had
That I really wanted to shout

It all started
When a new girl moved into town
She became my worst nightmare
She was a much more pretty brown

I confess
She had it all
The looks, the talent, even the voice
Which is why
Everybody treated her like a doll

Despite the jealousy
I didn’t say a word
Nor did I try to beat her
Which left me unheard

I was terribly hurt
When she started saying words
Just because I wasn’t rich like her
Because I was the school nerd

If only my skin
Were to protect me from
This emotional pain
Just as it does
From bacteria, disease, and this melancholy rain

The author's comments:
The world we live in is not perfect. People are bullied or discriminated everyday. However those people should not control your life. Be the better person, not through violence, but my inspiring others that you or anybody else isn't alone in this fight for respect.

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