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The Cataclysmic Boy

January 26, 2012
By BlameJuliet BRONZE, West Ocean City, Maryland
BlameJuliet BRONZE, West Ocean City, Maryland
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Tell me my words mean nothing to you, and one day they will become a poem, and that poem will be on the page of a book, which will one day sit on the bookshelf in your nursing home, and maybe you will smile. And just maybe that smile will be one of approval, or maybe realization, happy to know you were wrong. Happy that your criticism made me stronger, a better writer even. Maybe you will feel accomplished.

You Are A Nuclear Bomb, A Weapon Of Mass Destruction,

You've Got This Gravitational Pull, This Suction,

It's Dragging Me In, Coming From All Directions,

Sneaking Through All My Cautious Little Inspections,

Your Setting Up Camp In My Mind,

You Made My Head A Warzone, No Soldier Left Behind,

This Is Madness,

Cuz I Thought That I Had This,

The Situation Has Blown Out Of Proportion,

Like Mother Earth Just Had An Abortion,

This Black Hole Is Closing In On Me,

Your Face At The End Of The Tunnel Is All I Can See,

I Can See The End, Oh It's Near,

Grab A Mask Cuz It's The Gas That Makes You Tear,

Oh, My Eyes How They Burn,

You'd Think By Now That I'd Learn,

But Here I Stand, Still Playing With Explosives,

I'm Drinking These Acids, Taking Pills In The Wrong Doses,

You've Got Me Tap Dancing Around Land Mines,

Next I'll Be Hiding In The Alpines,

I Have No Way Of Knowing The Length Of The Fuse,

And That Is A Fact You Tend To Abuse,

My Squandering Is Amusing To You,

You Laugh At Me As I Fall All Over You,

And One Day, Without Warning, You'll Blow,

And Like A Volcanoe, We All Will Go,

So I'm Searching For Higher Ground,

Where I'll Only Hear The Sound,

Maybe If I Find A Mountain That Can Touch The Sky,

This Epic Explosion Will Pass Me By,

This Boy Shall Be The Death Of Me,

But For Now, In The Danger Zone Is Where I Wish To Be,

It's A Mistake, A Wrong Turn And A Damn Shame,

But You're The One I'm Going To Blame,

Your A Terrorist Of Sorts, In Your Own Way,

Terrorizing Me, Till I Say The Things That I Say,

So What Will I Ever Do,

With A Cataclysmic Boy Like You?

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