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Yesterday, was then

May 16, 2011
By Cissypercflute GOLD, Randolph, Massachusetts
Cissypercflute GOLD, Randolph, Massachusetts
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"A road to a friend's house is never long."
-Danish proverb

Yesterday, Came and went,
Yesterday, I heard you say Hi, to me
Yesterday, I was scared to look back,
Yesterday, I wanted to jump and hug you,

I do not know what else, I could say or do to make you see,
Yesterday, I saw you stare straight at me,
Yesterday, I wanted to just sit there and stare,
Into, your eyes.
Yesterday, you gave me a compliment,
But all, I wanted to say, was that I love you.

All, I thought of was, WHY you!!!!
Why is it that I’m drawn to you like, a bee is to nectar and sweets.
What do you have that others’ don’t?
Is it your smile!
Is it the fact that I remember that fun times we had!
Is the only reason that I’m drawn to you, the fact, that I do not want to move on,
And find another person like you.

Yesterday, was then, but this is today.
Today, I hope, that we will be together like we used to be.
I hope today will bring you back.
Yesterday, was then but this now.

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